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Honest, Effective, and Passionate Legal Representation for Immigrants in Fort Worth, Dallas, and all surrounding counties in North Texas. We are a one stop shop for all immigrants who are in need of legal assistance.

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We are a team of criminal and immigration law experts in Texas with proven results.

We are a Fort Worth, Texas-based firm that handles state criminal and federal immigration matters throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, and all surrounding counties in North Texas. All team members including attorney owner Edwardo Meza, are bilingual (Spanish and English). A large portion of our practice focuses on the representation of immigrants in federal immigration court when they are in deportation proceedings. We help these individuals’ secure federal bonds when they are detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We understand the importance of retaining a competent immigration and criminal attorney immediately after an arrest.

Federal Immigration law is very complex and most criminal attorneys do not understand the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction for their clients, upon arrival in Federal Immigration Court. The stakes are high for immigrants who fail to seek a competent immigration attorney immediately. The Meza Law Firm provides a one stop shop for immigrants who are arrested. Our Firm can handle a case from the time the individual is arrested by local law enforcement to the time they are transferred to federal immigration authorities. Therefore, there is no need to hire two attorneys! The Meza Law Firm can handle both cases. Time is of the essence, if you have a loved one who has been arrested, don’t waste time, call the Meza Law Firm now!

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Get to Know The Meza Law Firm

Legal representation and advocacy for immigrants in Fort Worth, Dallas, and all surrounding counties in North Texas.


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