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Everything about your life could change from a simple mistake involving drugs. A conviction on drug possession, trafficking, or manufacturing charges could bring you a lengthy prison term and do extensive damage to your professional and personal reputation.

A seasoned criminal defense attorney could help you fight the charges and protect your freedom. They could work determinedly to keep you out of jail and minimize the other harsh legal consequences of a drug conviction. A Fort Worth drug lawyer could craft the most effective defense strategy which looks for the best possible legal outcome given the circumstances.

Different Factors Can Influence the Type of Drug Charge

Because local law enforcement is tough on drug crimes, convicted offenders face harsh penalties. The severity of the charges and resulting prison sentence often depends on several factors.

Type of Drugs

Different classes of drugs carry different penalties under the law. For example, courts treat possession of cocaine much more harshly than they treat possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription. Marijuana cases are in their own penalty group. Unlike with many other forms of drug charges, many defendants facing marijuana possession charges can avoid prison time by attending drug rehabilitation programs or completing other alternative penalties.


The amount of drugs a defendant possesses when arrested influences the charges a prosecutor could bring and the resulting penalties upon conviction. Having a larger amount of a drugs implies the defendant might have intended to distribute or traffic it, which would result in a harsher sentence should the defendant be found guilty of the charge.


What the defendant planned to do with the drugs found in their possession can greatly impact the charges. If the defendant planned to simply use it for themselves, they would face fewer penalties than if they intended to manufacture or distribute it.


When the police arrest an individual somewhere with a large number of minors, such as near a school, playground, or daycare center, they could face more serious charges.

Other Crimes

If the drug offense occurs simultaneously with other criminal offenses, the defendant could face charges with more severe penalties.

Drug crimes are often complicated. A Fort Worth drug lawyer could help explain the various charges and resulting penalties.

Possible Defenses to Fort Worth Drug Charges

A skilled legal team could review the evidence and determine the most effective defense strategy, which might include one of the following:

  • The prosecution misidentified the substance.
  • The defendant did not know they possessed an illegal drug
  • The defendant had a valid prescription for the drug in question
  • The drug belonged to someone else and the defendant did not have constructive, actual, or any possession of the drug
  • Law enforcement officials obtained the drugs through an unlawful search or seizure or otherwise violated a defendant’s civil rights
  • The defendant did not intend for a person to use the drug – for instance, the defendant could argue that they purchased the drug for their horse
  • There was not a large enough quantity of the drug for the prosecution’s charges – A charge of intent to distribute could be lessened to simple possession.

A drug defense lawyer in Fort Worth could carefully analyze each piece of the prosecution’s case to look for weaknesses.

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Facing drug charges is scary. Trying to do it without the guidance and support of an experienced legal team could be a huge mistake.

Contact a seasoned Fort Worth drug lawyer today to learn more about how they can aggressively protect your rights and stand by your side throughout the legal process while they fight for a satisfactory ending to your case.