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When you are facing deportation and removal, you need to make sure you have representation from a knowledgeable immigration attorney every step of the way. Many circumstances could lead to deportation proceedings, but that does not mean you are without legal options.

A Fort Worth deportation defense lawyer could collect evidence for your case while using all available strategies to fight a deportation and removal action. When you or your loved one need assistance with filing for an immigration bond, representation at the bond hearing, seeking a withholding or suspension of deportation, or any other related matter, an attorney could provide the legal help you require.

Potential Reasons for Deportation

A range of circumstances could lead to deportation, even when the individual is currently a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

For example, when an immigrant is convicted of crimes such as domestic violence, theft, fraud, or drug offenses, they could be subject to a deportation and removal action. Other crimes that could put an immigrant at risk of deportation include:

  • Illegally voting
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Immigration fraud
  • Entering the country illegally
  • Breaking the terms of a previously issued visa, such as working on a visa that does not provide for employment

The chain of events leading to deportation proceedings will depend on whether local or federal authorities detain the individual. The manner of detainment will determine whether the individual is subject to an expedited or standard removal process.

The person may be served with a Notice to Appear at a Master Calendar hearing. This hearing could be weeks, months, or even longer away, but missing the hearing or any other court dates could result in swift removal from the country and significant difficulties with obtaining any other type of visa in the future.

A Fort Worth deportation defense lawyer could represent accused individuals during the hearing process.

Defending Against Deportation Proceedings

Multiple potential defenses can be used to fight a deportation case. For example, an immigrant may claim asylum or be unable to go back to their home country because they face severe risk of death or harm on the basis of their race, religion, political affiliation, or ethnicity. A lawyer could defend against a deportation action when the individual can adjust their status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

When the immigrant has resided in the country for a significant period and can demonstrate that their deportation would pose an extreme hardship to their family, this could be a viable defense strategy. In some cases, an attorney could file a motion to suppress evidence that was obtained unconstitutionally or file specific waivers to avoid deportation.

A deportation defense attorney in Fort Worth could defend someone against removal at all phases of an immigration matter and assist in filing an appeal when necessary.

Get Help from a Fort Worth Deportation Defense Attorney

You may have multiple legal options at your disposal when you are facing deportation and removal proceedings, but it is important to act quickly so you do not forfeit any opportunities to stay. A Fort Worth deportation defense lawyer understands what a difficult and overwhelming time this is for you and your loved ones.

An attorney could argue on your behalf in court, help you file any necessary appeals, and also identify any issues that may have erroneously led to the initiation of deportation proceedings. To learn about your specific legal options, call the office today and speak with a deportation defense attorney about your case.