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When someone struggles to make ends meet or put food on the table for their families, they might feel desperate enough to turn to theft. However, a theft conviction can quickly turn a bad decision into disastrous consequences with harsh legal penalties. People can also face theft charges due to misunderstandings, misidentifications, and mistakes.

Regardless of how or why a theft charge arises, a Fort Worth theft lawyer might be able to help. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could work tirelessly to help you get a swift and fair resolution to your case.

Types of Theft Crimes

According to Section 31.03 of the Texas Penal Code, a theft occurs when someone unlawfully takes something that belongs to another person with the intent to deprive the owner of that property. There are a wide range of theft crimes, varying from minor Class C misdemeanors that can result in fines to serious first-degree felonies that can result in lengthy prison terms.

Some of the different types of theft charges involve the following:

  • Possession, selling, or buying of stolen property
  • Shoplifting, where someone takes items from a store without paying for them
  • General theft, in which one person takes another person’s property without their permission
  • Burglary, where someone enters another person’s property without permission intending to commit a crime
  • Robbery, when someone causes another person bodily harm or fear of bodily harm while committing theft
  • Fraud, which is obtaining money or property through deception, and can include credit card fraud and other forms of identity theft

Fort Worth attorneys with experience in theft cases have successfully helped people facing all types of charges.

Potential Defenses to Theft

Experienced legal professionals know how to search for strategies to defend against theft charges.

Procedural Errors

As part of their investigation, a defense lawyer could review the steps taken by the police and prosecution to see if they overstepped and violated the defendant’s constitutional rights. For instance, they could see whether the police obtained a proper search warrant before searching the defendant’s home or vehicle for stolen property. A Fort Worth theft lawyer could also check to make sure the police followed the correct chain of custody for all the evidence so it was not contaminated.

Lack of Intent

A theft conviction requires proof the defendant intended to take away someone else’s property or money. A defendant could argue they merely borrowed the property or thought they had the owner’s permission.

As soon as someone has their first appointment with The Meza Law Firm, the legal team could begin working on a strong defense, starting with investigating precisely what happened. A theft lawyer in Fort Worth could collect evidence to show lack of intent or review the prosecution’s case and find witnesses who could reinforce the defense.

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Because all theft cases are different and come with the threat of serious legal penalties, you need to work with a legal team that will look out for your needs and treat your case with importance. A Fort Worth theft lawyer could work to build the most effective strategy that is unique to your case.

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