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In recent years, the federal government has tried to crack down considerably on illegal immigrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency in charge of immigration matters, has recently issued more deportations of undocumented immigrants.

Facing deportation can be both overwhelming and frightening, particularly if you would have to leave your family members behind. When you or your loved one is facing an ICE hold, consult with a Fort Worth ICE hold lawyer. A knowledgeable immigration attorney could do everything in their power to help you remain with your family.

How ICE Holds Work

An ICE hold is an immigration detainer and not the same as an arrest warrant. ICE holds happen when a local jurisdiction has someone who has been taken into legal custody by local law enforcement officials, usually on an unrelated criminal matter or charge.

After an arrest, individuals undergo processing, including fingerprinting. Local jails sometimes share information about the people they have arrested, including their names and fingerprints, with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The jail shares identifying information with ICE when the local jurisdiction has an agreement in which they cooperate. ICE can ask the local law enforcement agency to place a legal hold on an individual when they suspect the individual has violated a federal immigration law and want to take custody.

When ICE places a hold on the individual in custody, the local jail will detain them for a maximum of 48 hours after they could or would have been officially released. In other words, ICE asks the local jail to hold the individual for an additional 48 hours after they have posted bond or the case has been dismissed or otherwise resolved. ICE must take the individual into federal custody and remove them from the local jail within those 48 hours.

Being placed on an ICE hold does not automatically mean an individual will face deportation. It only allows ICE to investigate whether they want to begin deportation proceedings.

Speaking to a Fort Worth attorney as soon as possible after being placed on an ICE hold is critical.

How to Fight Deportation

An ICE hold lawyer in Fort Worth attorney could help an individual develop a strategy to fight their deportation. First, they could search for witnesses to testify about the individual’s character. They could also look for proof of ties to the local community, such as by showing that they have held a job, gone to a local school, volunteered in the community, or attended the same church for a long time.

When an individual can show they have deep family ties in the United States and that deportation would force them to separate, a lawyer could incorporate this into their defense. Showing an individual’s medical record that details the ongoing medical treatment they are receiving in this country could also be helpful. In addition, a trusted lawyer could show that the individual feels they could face persecution in their home country when relevant.

Call a Diligent Fort Worth ICE Hold Attorney

ICE holds give law enforcement officials a legal way to deport undocumented immigrants who they suspect have committed a crime. The ICE process can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it, and a seasoned legal professional could help someone potentially remain in the U.S.

Call an experienced Fort ICE hold lawyer who could help you mount an aggressive defense against deportation by presenting compelling evidence to prove why you or your loved one should be allowed to stay in this country.