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Trying to figure out the United States immigration system can be overwhelming when you want to bring over one or more of your relatives from another country. There are many different rules with precise procedural requirements and deadlines. Making a mistake could mean your family member is denied a chance to reside legally in this country.

Working with a knowledgeable family immigration attorney experienced with family preference visas in Fort Worth could give you and your family the peace of mind they need. A lawyer could skillfully guide you and your family through the family-based immigration process.

Obtaining a Family-Based Immigrant Visa

Getting a green card, which gives a person permanent residency in the United States, can be time consuming. Some applicants can speed up the process based on their family member’s immigration status and their specific relationship to the applicant. Others can apply for a green card through family members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

The speed with which the government processes a person’s visa application depends on the preference category of the sponsoring family member. A lawyer in Fort Worth who has experience with family preference visas could help determine a sponsor’s category.

How Family Preference Visas Work

The federal government makes an unlimited number of visas available instantly to immediate relatives of citizens. For immigration purposes, immediate relatives include spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, and parents of U.S. citizens.

The government also grants a limited number of family preference or F visas for other non-immediate relatives. The length of time these other family members must wait for a visa depends on their family preference category.

First Preference

Unmarried adult children of U.S. citizens can pursue F1 visas.

Second Preference

Unmarried minor children under 21 and spouses of lawful permanent residents with green cards can pursue F2A visas. Unmarried adult children of permanent residents can pursue F2B visas.

Third Preference

Married children of U.S. citizens can pursue F3 visas.

Fourth Preference

Siblings of U.S. citizens can pursue F4 visas.

A Fort Worth attorney could explain more about how the process for family preference visas works and ensure an applicant has all the appropriate paperwork for every family member they sponsor.

How an Attorney Could Assist with a Family-Based Visa

A lawyer could help sponsors and applicants at every step of the family visa process. Some services they could provide include:

  • Helping complete all required forms
  • Complying with the strict procedural requirements
  • Gathering evidence and documentation to support the application
  • Ensuring the applicant’s petition is submitted promptly to the appropriate agencies
  • Offering guidance to prepare an applicant and their sponsored family member for interviews

Immigration matters are often complicated, which is why working with a skilled Fort Worth lawyer could be critical to the success of a family preference visa application.

Work With a Fort Worth Attorney to Obtain a Family Preference Visa

When you want to help a family member relocate to the U.S., you should not handle the visa application alone. A lawyer could determine whether your relatives qualify for family preference visas in Fort Worth and help you through the immigration process. Contact The Meza Law Firm today.